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Welcome to Allmin Resources Ireland Limited!

Founded by Alpa Agrawal, Allmin Resources began as a vision sparked within the walls of a university apartment. Alpa recognized a burgeoning demand within the chemical industry for superior procurement solutions. With a commitment to quality and innovation, she laid the foundation for what would become a leading name in the sector.

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Starting modestly with Magnesium Sulphate as its flagship product for the fertilizer industry, Allmin quickly expanded its offerings to encompass a diverse range of chemical products. This growth was fueled by a dedication to meeting industry needs and surpassing expectations.

As Allmin evolved, it sought to forge strong partnerships with distributors, empowering them to serve as trusted allies in the company’s value chain. This collaborative approach ensured that clients received not only top-notch products but also unparalleled service and support.

The addition of Ishan Lanjewar to the team marked a pivotal moment for Allmin. With his expertise and strategic insight, the company broadened its scope, reaching new heights and tapping into previously untapped markets.

Over the years, Allmin has diversified its portfolio to cater to a multitude of industries, including but not limited to the detergent, marble processing, and packaging sectors. This expansion has been driven by a commitment to innovation and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

In 2021, Allmin took a significant leap forward by introducing its first service-centered offerings. By providing door-to-door delivery services in the United States, the company demonstrated its commitment to streamlining the supply chain and enhancing customer convenience. Navigating the complexities of customs clearance, logistics, and transportation, Allmin proved its ability to adapt and thrive in a dynamic market landscape.

Building on this success, Allmin expanded its footprint into the Middle East in 2023, establishing a second office in the prestigious IFZA Freezone, Dubai Silicon Oasis. This strategic move underscores the company’s commitment to global growth and reinforces its position as a trusted partner on the international stage.

At Allmin Resources Ireland Limited, we are dedicated to delivering excellence in every aspect of our business. From product quality to customer service, we strive to set the standard for excellence in the chemical industry. Join us on our journey as we continue to innovate, expand, and exceed expectations.

Today Allmin manages all its European clients from its Irish office and South East Asia, Middle East and North American Market from its Dubai office.