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Alpa Agrawal's Story

Innovation in Chemical Procurement

Learn about Alpa Agrawal’s journey from her University apartment to founding Allmin Resources, and her impact on the chemical procurement industry.

Invest in Cork

Grow in Cork

Discover why Cork is an excellent location for startups and businesses, featuring insights from Alpa Agrawal.

Outstanding Women in Business

Alpa Agrawal

Griffith College recognizes Alpa Agrawal’s contributions to business and education.

We Are Cork Ambassador

Alpa Agrawal

Alpa Agrawal shares her experience as an ambassador for Cork, promoting the city’s opportunities for businesses.

Why International Students Choose Cork

Explore why Cork is a preferred destination for international students, with mentions of Alpa Agrawal’s entrepreneurial journey.

Outstanding Women Share Business Experience at Griffith College

Griffith College hosts a panel of outstanding women, including Alpa Agrawal, sharing their business insights and experiences.

Allmin Streamlines the Chemical Supply Chain

The Business Post covers how Allmin Resources is revolutionizing the chemical supply chain with innovative solutions.

Move Your Startup to Cork

Discover the benefits of relocating your startup to Cork, with insights from local business leaders, including Alpa Agrawal.

Allmin Resources Wins Business of the Year

InBusiness Ireland recognizes Allmin Resources with the prestigious Business of the Year award.

Videos and Social Media Highlights

UCC Indian Alumni Launch Event

Watch the launch event of UCC Indian Alumni, featuring Alpa Agrawal.

University College Cork on Twitter

Follow the latest updates and achievements of Allmin Resources and its founder, Alpa Agrawal, on UCC’s Twitter.

IGNITE Alumni: Success Stories

Learn about the success stories of IGNITE alumni, including Alpa Agrawal, and their contributions to the business world.

8 Reasons to Move Your Startup to Cork

The Next Web highlights the top reasons why Cork is a great place for startups, featuring insights from entrepreneurs like Alpa Agrawal.

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